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Welcome to

Lirot Law.

Proudly Serving Clearwater Florida

And Surrounding Areas.

Civil Litigation

We are passionate advocates for our clients. Utilizing a unique skillset and Team, topped with all resources at our disposal, we provide top-notch representation.  Our attorneys are not afraid to face the toughest challenges, along with the Attorney's representing them, to fight for your rights and champion your interests.

Constitutional Law

Providing aggressive counsel to resolve disputes arising under the United States Constitution and state constitutions.

We represent both communities, and individuals in both defenses of and challenges to a diverse range of legislation and other government action. Formulating innovative legal theories and advising our clients on the constitutional implications of new legislation.

Criminal Defense

Your Record, Your Reputation,

Your Freedom.

Our Team is Comprised of highly credentialed Lawyers, and we stand by our reputation of fighting for you right until the very end of the case. Turn around this difficult time in your life and start heading in the right direction by hiring an experienced Criminal Attorney.

At Lirot Law, We Pride Ourselves In A Successful History of Handling Thousands Of Cases, For Clients From All Walks of Life.  A Few Services We Provide Include, But Are Not Limited To...

Our Services

Mr. Lirot is by far the best attorney I've ever used. He explains everything in easy to understand language and his knowledge of the law is unparalleled.

He is amazing to watch in court, and if you need an attorney, he is your man! He is licensed in other states as well as has been before the Supreme Court. He is also available. He doesn't push you off on a secretary, unless he's in court. This man is amazing both as an attorney and a human being. He truly cares.

- D.S.

Strong Representation, Tenacious Litigation, and Peace of Mind are just a few of the things you can rest assured will be provided to you immediately upon hiring our Firm to represent you in your case and time of need.  

We pride outselves on delivering reasonable, effective and fair results for each of our clients, taking the burden off of them to figure out challenging situations alone in their time of need.

We hope to meet with you soon, contact us for a free consultation.

Luke Charles Lirot, P.A.

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